As of Nov 1, 2006, Trex Framework has been discontinued. It has been an interesting experiment and a learning experience for me. However, I decided to invest my efforts in other areas for now. As an alternative, I recommend using the Zend Framework. I strongly believe it can help standardize the way PHP applications are built.

SVN Repository

We are using Subversion (SVN) to manage Trex’s source code. You need to request a username and password in order to checkout a working copy of the source code.

We highly recommend you to get the trunk version of Trex until we hit version 1.0. We do what we can to ensure that SVN versions are build-able and run-able, but clearly the code in SVN should not be considered stable.

Check out the current development trunk with:

$ svn checkout

All SVN commits are posted in the forums. We suggest monitoring the forum if you are using an SVN version of Trex. If you’d like to commit code to the repository, please post a message requesting an account.

Subversion Client

In order to use Subversion, you will first have to install a Subversion client. Free graphical client software, which may make Subversion easier to use, is available for most systems.

  • For Windows: TortoiseSVN makes all SVN commands available directly from the Windows Explorer.
  • For Mac OS X: SCPlugin and svnX.
  • For Linux and UNIX systems: RapidSVN, eSvn, QSvn, and probably others.

After you have installed Subversion, use the checkout command to get your files.