6. Built-in Modules

User Authentication

Trex comes with a user authentication system. It handles user accounts, groups, permissions and cookie-based user sessions.

Unit Testing

Automated testing is an extremely useful bug-killing tool for the modern Web developer. You can use a collection of tests (a test suite) to solve, or avoid, a number of problems:

  • When you’re writing new code, you can use tests to validate your code works as expected.
  • When you’re refactoring or modifying old code, you can use tests to ensure your changes haven’t affected your application’s behavior unexpectedly.

Module Management

Trex comes with a “Module Management” module that saves yourself the tedious work of creating an interface for managing modules. The admin site is not enabled by default, it’s an opt-in thing. Remember that with Trex you build an administration site on a per-module basis.

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