We would love to see other developers become involved in the project. Whether this is through development, support, bug reports or feature requests doesn’t matter, every little bit counts and makes Trex better.


Think you found a bug? Got some handy code you think would fit awesomely in the framework? Or do you have what it takes to optimize some important method or even a whole module making it more flexible or powerful? Then join us and start contributing to the framework!

We welcome any of these:

  • Bug reports
  • Enhancement requests
  • Documentation
  • Ideas and opinions

Bug reports

Trex framework is managed by Redmine issue tracking system.

Source style

  • Edit source code files using UTF-8.
  • Real tabs, no spaces.
  • Follow the conventions Trex used in the source already.
  • Stick to Zend’s coding standards.

That’s all you need to know if you’d like to join the Trex development community!